Rebuilding the blog….

I apologize for being offline for so long but the Viagra salesmen were able to hack my site once again and make it impossible for me to approve comments, add new posts, or otherwise manage the site. Because my colleague working with me believes that there is malicious code imbedded in my blog that allows the hackers to get back in after we clean the site up, we are shifting to a new site (same address), which will probably mean that if you want to read old posts you will have to go to the old site. There will be a way to link directly. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am usually opposed to capital punishment but I am starting to think that there may be reasonable exceptions.



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  1. I hope to be able to read the article entitled ‘a brief history of chinese growth model’ which I have bookmarked and now…!

  2. You have some of the most insightful analyis of China that I have seen. Do you think that’s the reason you’re being hacked?

    I’m looking forward to seeing you back soon.

  3. Um, I KNOW that that is the reason he is being hacked. No one wants to sell Viagara that badly……

  4. Me too. Look forward to seeing this back. Have you considered using cloudflare?

  5. I am inclined to believe that there are some sinister forces at work here. Prof. Pettis is rapidly gaining status as the person who can give a thoughtful and rational explanation on the background and limits of China’s growth, just like Prof. Krugman pointed out the logical reasoning and the limitations for the growth of the Asian “Tigers” in the 1990’s before the Asian Financial Crisis blew its cover.

  6. I still can’t understand the basic economic concepts of your posts but at least my sex life has improved tremendously, thank you Prof. Pettis!

  7. Would it be possible, while your blog is offline, to ask for particular items? I want to use a quote from one of your posts in an article if possible: the 5/10 post on “Investment and Consumption”?
    Thank you for all your amazing work (including the books, blog, and much-missed bar)

  8. Is there a lesson to learned here between the Chinese growth model and Viagra?

  9. Exemptions from what? Or do you mean exceptions?

  10. You certainly got stiffed, Michael.

  11. I hear good things about Viagra…

    Hope your site is also back up soon

  12. Definitely not anything to do with viagra…

  13. So where am I supposed to go to buy my Viagra now?

  14. Always enjoy reading your blog. If it gets hacked, makes me want to read it even more. You must be saying something right.

  15. Everything before April 10th 2013 can be viewed using the internet archive.

  16. Michael, It looks like you’re using WordPress as your blogging platform.

    A couple of suggestions:

    1) First export your entire blog from the WP control panel. This will preserve all your written content in XML format.
    2) Then completely remove your installation of WordPress from your server (or switch servers to a new provider if you feel your current hosting company has low security).
    3) When you re-install WordPress, install all the available security plug-ins for “hardening WordPress”.
    4) Re-import all your previous stories.

    Often it isn’t feasible to find the malicious code in an existing WordPress installation, and the best option is to save your written content, re-install and start from scratch (with better security measures in place).

    This happened to me once… I speak from experience!

    Good luck, and keep up the great blogging!

  17. Ahh, that explains why one of my replies has never appeared. I thought that you were pissed at me, Michael!

    Hope that you get your hosting problems sorted quickly.

  18. Very good post comment thank you…

  19. Any success in restoring any of the old blog posts?

  20. Very good post comment thank you…

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