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The impact of reform on growth


I got a lot of feedback from my January 5 blog entry because of my argument that the implementation of the reforms proposed in the Third Plenum all but guarantees that growth rates in China will slow down. For that reason I thought it might make sense for me to explain a little more carefully […]

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Monetary policy under financial repression


Following Paul Krugman’s lead I guess I can refer to this post as being “wonkish”. Much of it is based on my recent book Avoiding the FallĀ (Carnegie Endowment, September 2013). In order to understand much of what is happening in China I believe it is crucially important to understand how financial systems operate under conditions […]

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Rebuilding the blog….


I apologize for being offline for so long but the Viagra salesmen were able to hack my site once again and make it impossible for me to approve comments, add new posts, or otherwise manage the site. Because my colleague working with me believes that there is malicious code imbedded in my blog that allows […]

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